We are Specchio.

A new paradigm in highly technological healthcare industrial global partnership!

Imagine a world where healthcare providers are empowered to deliver the best possible care, without being weighed down by administrative burdens and technological challenges. That’s the world we’re creating.

Welcome  to Specchio!

Who We are ?

We are a thriving and ambitious Saudi private sector company and we are considered in providing health sector business solutions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our unique vision motivated us to create an innovative business model by combining the Italian expertise with the Saudi perseverance and strong will to become the go-to.

Our  Guidelines


Solid Group

At Specchio, we aim to achieve excellence in the mid to long term. Inspiring our people and prioritizing our partners drives our success.


Solid Investing

Our focus is on long-term industrial investments, delivering favorable outcomes for our partners through knowledge and competence.


Better Planet

As responsible global citizens, we address challenges ethically and sustainably. Preserving the environment and leaving a better planet for future generations is our commitment.


Our Philosophy

Specchio’s ethos reflects our shared values, enabling our success through integrity, collaboration, and dedication. We surpass expectations and drive achievements through our philosophy.

Our Team

Our team consists of multiple departments with professional teams, each specializing in their respective fields, within a healthy and encouraging work environment ,which reflects positively on our performance and services.

Today over 80 qualified employees ranging from consultants, experts,administrators to technicians work in harmony with one another at specehio.




Pietro Mattioli

Pietro Mattioli

Co-Founder of Specchio

Verdiana Morando

Verdiana Morando

General Manager - GKSD

Dr. Hisham Hosny

Dr. Hisham Hosny

RCM Consultant


Mr. Saleh Al-Assaf

CEO / Co-founder of Shwra


Mohammed Al Dabaan

HR Manager

Our Services

Business Development

A program aimed at assisting companies in growth and expansion by providing consultations and support in areas such as marketing, sales, product development, and services.

Finance and Technical Offer Submission

We help you in providing tenders, contracts, and establishing successful alliances in the sector, thanks to our extensive experience and strong relationships.

Project Management

We professionally manage projects from start to finish, including planning, organizing, directing, supervising, accounting, and evaluating projects.

Investment in the healthcare

We aim to enhance and improve the healthcare sector. Therefore, we work on attracting investment opportunities for hospitals and medical centers to provide capital for the development of healthcare projects and infrastructure improvement.

Financial Proposal Assistance

We provide you with advice and guidance on a wide range of financing options suitable for your financial situation and needs, and we assist you in preparing the necessary documents and executing the financing process.

Company Establishment

We conduct a feasibility study to obtain all the necessary government licenses for company establishment. Additionally, we assist in selecting the appropriate sector and determining the human and financial resources required. Furthermore, we provide one year of post-establishment consultation services.

Hospital and Medical Facility Operations

We collaborate with major and leading companies in this field to operate hospitals and medical facilities at the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.

Our Business  Scope

The Skills

Experience in financial and economic analysis
Wide network of relationships in both the public and private sectors
Attracting strong investment opportunities
Extensive expertise in the healthcare field

Our Projects

530 398

Event Shield Healthcare


Health Tourism


Mental Health

Our Partners

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